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The (Side Hustle is NOW) Dig-ital

An  ON-LINE Event to help MONETIZE and MAXIMIZE your Impact, Influence and Income in TODAY’S Arena.

May 2 – 3, 2020

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The Shindig-ital starts in:

An event for digital-era dreamers, doers, thought leaders and learners.

'there's always a better way'

The Purpose

To bring the 'BEST IN CLASS' coaches and thought leaders to EMPOWER ALL seeking to up-level their Skill Set, Strategy and Story in the New World Wide 'Wild West'
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The Program

MAY 2-3RD 2020
10am - 5pm MST
The SHINDIG-ital will run 10m-5pm on MAY 2-3rd 2020.
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The People


The Speakers

See the list of Speakers at The SHINDIG-ital
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The Place



Whether it's your living room, kitchen, cabin or quarantine corner;)... if you've got a connection you're in the game.
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The SHINDig-ital

(the Side Hustle Is NOW) for the digital era

Strategy. story. Passion. Platforms

AN EPIC event – for an EPIC TIME

Who’s looking for just ANOTHER event… ANOTHER meeting to attend…or ANOTHER room filled with people motivating us to do MORE and be MORE…without sharing the ‘how‘ or the real skill sets necessary to win?

NO ONE! …That’s who.

But who got involved in Networking and their Side Hustle to do just that…. DO more… BE more…. and WIN?

EVERYONE!… That’s who.

Almost all Networkers and Side Hustlers got started because we wanted or needed something in our lives to be different… to change…. to IMPROVE…. and we believed it was possible within this Industry…and we were RIGHT!

The CHALLENGE is that most of us, with hope and determination, attend our company conventions and events, where they do a GREAT job of increasing our belief in the COMPANY and it’s PRODUCTS or services… (which of course they should)… and they even provide some incredible motivation… but for most of us that’s NOT our issue at all. We love our companies and their offerings and motivated enough to have attended the event or we wouldn’t be there.

Our REAL challenge is in our belief that WE can do it… and in our POSTURE, CONFIDENCE and COMMUNICATION skills to effectively  share a story, invite a prospect or own a conversation on the subject of Network Marketing.

THIS is where The SHIN DIG comes in… 

SHINDIG: A large, lively gathering; especially one celebrating something.

WHAT are we celebrating?…

 YOU!… As willing, hungry Networkers with a desire to improve their lives by seeking the training, doing the work, mastering your craft and building people.

 ELITE TRAINING – All things are not created equal. Period. The SHIN DIG-ital brings you World Class Legends in their field to deliver both the latest. most relevant information and strategies  necessary to show up and ‘suit up’ for success NOW in today’s marketplace.

 DIGITAL MARKETING – Whether your platform is  small business, direct sales, affiliate, relationship or Network Marketing…It’s crucial to PIVOT and level-up your knowledge, confidence and skill set in our generations ‘Gold Rush’ in on-line opportunities.

We need AMBASSADORSFLAG-BEARERSJACKET-WEARERS…and passionate CARERS… to JOIN IN and get the finest training Canada has ever offered to empower us ALL to raise our Heads, Chins and Voices to POSTURE UP for a New Era of business and connetion.

COME be a part of celebrating the MISSION, PASSION, PURPOSE and most importantly the PEOPLE of Networking… which is YOU! 



Introducing The Shin Dig-ITAL

Keynote Speakers


Network Marketing Trainer

This former Navy Seal took the same precision mindset he used to disarm bombs under water to go on and earn millions within the Network Marketing industry.

He has been successfully training Network Marketers with the skills they need to succeed for over 30 years.



Rob Sperry is an international Network Marketing Coach, author of ‘The Game of Networking’, and  voted as the #1 Coach in his field in 2017.

He has earned enormous respect as a speaker & trainer because of his own incredible success in the industry as a rep himself.


Network Marketing Trainer

Alex Lombard is one of the most sought after Digital Business Coaches for Network Marketers.

He is the Co-founder of Invigor8 and has an Instagram network of over 40M.  Alex has been  training Network Marketers on leveraging Instagram for over 5 years.



Laura Sales


James Lavelle






Budding networkers

Budding networkers who are excited and wanting to hear from the world’s best to accelerate their learning and skills for success.

Aspiring networkers

Aspiring networkers who want to freshen up, re-start, re-charge and learn new skills and daily disciplines to re-ignite both their belief and business.

Veteran networkers

Veteran networkers ready to ‘amp’ it up and take both their business and their skills to the next level with a new speed and certainty.

Stagnant Straddlers

Those who have had one foot in and one foot out for too long lacking the confidence to move forward...but still believe it could work if they knew HOW to work it.

Leaders in networking

Leaders in networking who are eager to work smarter and gain more efficiency, to master duplication, increase their influence, and build other leaders.


Ambassadors for The Networking Industry who want to be part of elevating the posture of the profession and learning the words and skills necessary to ‘Stand Taller’ in the profession.

What you’ll learn:

Take Your STRATEGIES, Skills, bUSINESS AND BRAND to the next Level

The Inviting Formula

The most powerful, proven, and effective ‘Inviting Formula’ used by the industry’s best.

Communication Skills

The most useful and critical communication skills needed to know what your prospects need, want or don’t want.

Daily Disciplines

The most important Daily Disciplines and Income producing activities necessary to really see the results you’re looking for.

System Based Duplication

How to create maximum duplication with system-based tools and trainings.

Maximize Productivity

How to not just work harder, but smarter by minimizing distractions and maximizing productivity (and finally stop wasting time).

Effectively Use Social Media

How to more effectively use (or start using) Instagram and Facebook platforms to find prospects, gain followers, add value and drastically increase your leads, reach and potential influence.

Attraction VS Convincing

How to stop convincing and start attracting people to your product, service and opportunity

Handling Objections

How to most effectively respond and not react to handling objections

Increase your posture

How to Increase your POSTURE in your communication about your business and the Network Marketing Profession.

Program Your mindset For Success

How to program your mindset for success and the best ways to overcome your ‘inner critic’.

Proper Prospect Communication

How to find, connect and properly communicate with prospects both on-line and in ‘real life’.

Become a Better Leader

How to become a better leader and more powerful influence to drastically increase the passion and productivity of your team.

And Much more...

Here is

WHat to expect


Our speakers are TOP trainers and TOP distributors, who will be giving you some of their very best teachings, experience and tactical knowledge that you can immediately apply and measure in your daily disciplines to get results.


The SHINDIG is a time for us to come together as entrepreneurs, friends and advocates to celebrate our COMMON foundation, love, and respect for the incredible business model and Industry that is Network Marketing. It is NOT a time to pitch or poach…compete or compare

*There will be zero mention of company names or offerings and zero tolerance for any guest not willing to respect this request.*


The SHINDIG is a place for you to connect. A chance to feel ‘home’. A place where your ideas, goals, visions and wildest dreams are not only understood, seen and heard…but encouraged and celebrated! A time to re-new, re-charge and re-engage with like-minded entrepreneurs who believe in the magic of thinking big.

4 To be Inspired

Our goal is not simply ‘temporary motivation’…but instead to truly empower you with the knowledge, skills and training necessary for you to feel  inspired from ‘the inside out’…that you leave feeling like you have the tools to ‘master your craft’, build your confidence, increase your posture, elevate your enthusiasm, and ‘stand taller’ in your pursuits.
By doing so you will not only become a better Network Marketing Professional to increase your rank and profits…but a valued Ambassador and hopeful example of what’s POSSIBLE

May 23 – 24th, 2020

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The Shindig starts in: